Leanne the Little Girl

My name's Leanne, I'm a little girl.

I like to dance and have lots of fun.

I'll be your best friend in the whole wide world.

So come with me, the party's just begun.

I love animals, big and small -

even if theyíre loud and yappy!

I wish that I could keep them all

but Mum and Dad would not be happy.

Stephen the Echidna

Good morning folks, my name is Stephen.

Thanks for visiting me in prison.

Everyone seems to think that itís all the rage,

But to me a cage, is a cage, is a cage.

Brian and the other animals just donít understand.

But Iíll escape Iíve got it planned.

Iíll return soon to my eucalyptus forest

ďBe home soon Mum, thatís a promise!"

Brian the Wombat

Hey there guys, it's Brian here.

I'm a wombat. How about you?

Iíve got a shiny black nose and short fluffy ears

and I'm the leader of the zoo.

I'm a party animal, the wildest around.

But only when my friends are all safe and sound.

Glenys the Kangaroo

Hi everyone, my names Glenys! Can you guess what i am ?

I'm a big red kangaroo,

and i really like it here at the zoo.

I have big feet, long tail and pointy ears.

My only problem is i have too many fears!

Brian always say's "Glenys donít be so jumpy,

all of the animals think that you're grumpy."

But im really not, Iím just here to have fun!

(No you're not, you're just like mum!)

Charlie the Kookaburra

G'day kids! A kookaburra I am and Charlie's the name.

Laughing and telling jokes is my favourite game.

When it comes to the serious stuff, there's one thing you should know.

That there was something called the Dreaming a long, long time ago.

All creatures were treated as one.

Animals and humans always had fun.

But now things are different and in my own little way,

I laugh and tell jokes to make their worries go away.

Kelly the Koala

Hey there kids, my name is Kelly!

I'm cute and cuddly and I've got a furry belly.

I snooze in my tree and leaves I eat,

But during the night, I rock the funky beat!

Where is Stephen? He can't be far.

Don't worry, I'll find him.

After all, I'm his best friend - Kelly the Koala!!!