"We really enjoyed the show and my boys have been talking animals ever since, which I must say is quite a change from trains and planes! Thanks for some fun entertainment."

Regards, Tracey Mallyon

"Annabel and Lucy and I had such a great time at Funky Zoo!"

Glenys Trouncer

"Thanks again Ken the children enjoyed the show."

Karen Clay, Co-ordinator Before and After School at Westmead

"The boys had a fantastic time at your production. They talked about it for some time Ė always a good sign."

Cheers, Cressida McNamara

"I took my Mum and my two nephews to see The Funky Zoo at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre. My 8 year old nephew, Connor, had come with me earlier in the year to see James & The Giant Peach and was hooked on theatre, so it was also great to take my 4 old nephew, Callum, to his first theatre show. The boys both loved it. Callum sat enthralled in the first half... but in the second half when the audience was asked to count, I asked him to yell, he screamed at full volume. I needed my Mastercard, it was priceless...... Every kid in that place left fulfilled, and the adults didnít have a bad time either."

Wayne Tunks -

"I just wanted to say what a privellage it was to have the Funky Zoo show performed again at the Bondi Pavilion on the 3rd of October. The story is as relevant if not more so than it was when we first hosted it some 16 years ago. The fantastic cast of young actors displayed both talent and energy in equal measure. All going to ensure that the audience were kept thoroughly absorbed and entertained. All the very best with the show, I hope many more children are given the opportunity to see it."

Andrew Best -

School holiday program coordinator

Bondi Pavilion Community Cultural Centre

"An environmental musical and adventure comedy, the Funky Zoo has put modern Australian dialogue, current issues and rock music into the traditional West End music hall format."

Sydney Morning Herald

"The Funky Zoo held the kids spellbound"

Bondi Pavilion